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COMICO Stories,

Hong Kong designer bag brand, established in 2021. With the development of the Internet and the rise of social networking sites in the later period, everyone has their own fashion culture. Various cultures collide, young and full of diversity. It is still a niche subculture, which is explored in the design of bags.

"You can tag me, but not just one."

The designer Li Shunyu has expanded in the bag expansion industry, absorbing a lot of the biomedicalization of the East and the West, and the diversified style has made the whole unique. Possess the fighting spirit, pursue one's own dreams, brave secular restraints, be real and fearful.

COMICO21 selects leather quality, restores the original beauty of natural raw materials, and also uses more fresh new raw materials and a dynamic and more diversified design concept. The combination of traditional hand-made production and innovative craftsmanship allows each bag to find a balance between wearing style and best daily use, bringing a stylish to stylish aesthetic experience.

China's natural leather and innovative craftsmanship

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